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The Blood King (Chronicles of the Necromancer, Book 2) - Gail Z. Martin I really enjoyed this book, up until the last three or four chapters. When I read the first in the trilogy (The Summoner) I couldn't put it down. The second book is just as good, with one let down. The Summoner takes you through 637 pages, 33 chapters, on a journey to the climax. the Blood King continues that journey, through the first 35 chapters all the way to the meeting that you have waited for, the climax of the book. That meeting is met, fought and resolved in three chapters' 41 pages to be exact. Really? It took all that training and all that preparing for something that easy? I was a bit let down in that, wishing that there was a little more focus as that is the thing that you are rooting for all the way there and then it's done.
I still really enjoy Ms. Martin's writing and have begun the next book in the series, I just hope that the next climax wont leave me wanting so much more.